Cut The Spam (Into Consistent Slices)

MIU France 90111 Lunch Meat Slicer

Nobody likes spam, but as for Spam, the food product, well let’s just say it’s more enjoyable. Maybe. But, regardless of how you use it the first step is to cut it up. (Or just grab the hunk and start chewing if you feel daring.) The MIU France Lunch Meat Slicer is a canned meat-sized slicing tool designed especially for creating consistently-sized slices from the popular meat-in-a-can treat product. While it may not rival sliced bread for the title of Greatest Thing, perhaps by association it will at least help a little bit with reputation of the edible type of Spam.

Product Description:
The canned meat slicer from MIU makes stacks of perfectly sliced meat for everything from sandwiches to sushi. Place the canned meat onto the base of the unit and close the handle firmly to slice the meat. The handle comes off for easy cleaning. Constructed of durable ABS and stainless steel; the MIU lunch meat slicer has ten stainless steel cutting wires. Dishwasher safe. Item #90111.

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