Tomato Slicer Slices Right Every Time

If you’re gonna slice tomatoes do it right. No not with knife skills, but with the New Star Foodservice 39696 Commercial Tomato Slicer, 1/4-Inch. Every slice a quarter of an inch, every time. Mmm, uniformity. Designed for restaurants and food service establishments, there is no reason why you can’t pick up one to go with… Continue reading Tomato Slicer Slices Right Every Time

Zyliss Garlic Slicer

Oh, garlic how good you can be. Added to anything and your distinctive aroma entices. You can be smashed, chopped, baked or broiled. And let’s not forget sliced. ‘But sliced garlic can be difficult to handle,’ some might say. True, slickery little cloves try to run away. But not when enshrined in the Zyliss Garlic… Continue reading Zyliss Garlic Slicer