Somebody Please Tell This Toaster That Toast Is Supposed To Come In Pairs

The Super Mini Toaster Oven

It was a particularly cruel day in marketing hell when they decided to convince the masses that ‘mini’ was a desirable quality in products. It was probably the backlash against super-sizing that caused the word ‘mini’ to be applied to all things food-related, so considering those fast-food origins it’s not a total loss. Paying the same price (or sometimes more) for less is not desirable, yet somehow the evil genius horde has convinced us otherwise. As in all marketing coups, there is a (chicken) nugget of truth; a little restraint can be a good thing–not so much when attached to kitchen appliances however.

The Super Mini Toaster Oven may at first look appealing, but judging by the inclusion of a 6.25-inch sq. cooking pan, the kitchen appliance would be annoying more than anything else. It’s more Easy-Bake oven than toaster oven. While it features the “capabilities of a regular toaster oven with a 150°-450°F range in temperature, variable toasting function, 15 minute timer and “stay on” warming function”, I just can’t get over the fact that only one slice of bread at a time will fit in the thing. Even a regular slice of bread measures about 4 or 5 inches, and yes, I checked—and then made a Dagwood Sandwich.

***UPDATE 9/6/13***
Looks like the mini toaster oven link above no longer goes to that product — I wonder how many one-slice toasting sessions it took…
Also, I updated the Dagwood Sandwich link to a swell Blondie cookie jar; the previous link went to a now defunct blog. Happy sandwiching!

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