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Cuisipro Stainless Steel Dual Roasting Rack

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Dual Roasting Rack

Bring the beer can chicken inside. Except forget the beer can. Well, forget to put the beer can inside the chicken that is, because this roasting rack is ready to stand up to the task without any help.

Suitable for indoor use or out on the grill, the Cuisipro Stainless Steel Dual Roasting Rack is a versatile little kitchen accessory that doesn’t lie down on the job. Unless you want it to; then you use it in the horizontal position just like a traditional roasting rack. But when it’s time to turn things on end, the gadget transforms to a vertical roaster ready for all your indoor beer can chicken sans beer can needs. Considering that the better beers come in glass bottles, this is probably a good thing. (Basting with beer is still okay.)

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Nonstick Roasting Rack With Juice Reservoir

Nonstick Roasting Rack With Juice Reservoir

Lurking inside every roast is a bowl full of gravy. The cooking process may create pools of flavor, but collecting all those juices requires a but of effort. Lifting the heavy pan that the roast was cooking in is one way to get to the goodness, but sending the river of flavor into a pre-determined location is probably a better way to go about it. The Nonstick Roasting Rack With Juice Reservoir channels juices away from the roast, sending them directly into a waiting reservoir. Try not to drink it straight out of the cup.

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Juice Up The Oven

Moistly Roasted Oven Humidifier

When one thinks “moist”, one normally doesn’t think of the oven. But that’s exactly what Moistly Roasted Oven Humidifier looks to overcome. The slim pan measures 19.5-inches by 14.75 inches, but most importantly measures .75-inches tall. Why is that important? Because the enclosed interior is where one would pour juice, wine, beer, or even plain ol’ water so as to add moisture to the oven while cooking.

Thanks to four steam vents that release steam into the oven, the accessory provides an interesting way to add flavor to foods. Designed primarily for turkey, roasts and the like, the flavor-enhancing pan is designed to provide tender and moist results without the need to baste the food. One large vent assures easy refilling during the cooking process, so just remember to pace yourself.

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Be nice: slice precise

Victorinox Precise Slice Knife

In the very near future, hams, turkeys and roasts across the land will be broiled, braised and baked to perfection. From oven to table, the wafting scent of dinner will cause family and friends to gather ‘round in eager excitement. And then you cut into it, ravaging the poor beast into disrespectful clumps. Enthusiastic smiles become replaced by disappointed grimaces. Don’t let your stunning table presentation fall into a meaty pile of disarray: the Victorinox Precise Slice Knife will help you clean up your slicing act.

The serrated knife features an adjustable guide to help you create perfect slices from 1-mm to 15-mm thick. Operating similar to a mechanical slicer, the offset guide directs the cutting edge all the way through the meat during the slicing action. Serve thick slices for the entrée and then just as easily cut some thinly sliced for sandwiches the next day. With neat and clean dinner presentation along with perfect leftovers, your guests may just never leave.

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Beer can chicken goes big time

All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster

Moist, tender and flavorful chicken is the key allure of beer can chicken. The classic cooking technique has been a favorite of backyard grillers for quite some time. While I have a hard time believing that the concept is anything new, I’m pretty sure the trend of kitchen gear emulating the process is a relatively recent phenomenon. Be that as it may be, what is important is that with this high-quality pan, beer can chicken has officially moved from the backyard to the kitchen stove.

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i-Roast your own coffee beans

i-Roast 2 Coffee Roaster

Serious coffee lovers are always looking for a new way to enhance the experience. I know from a personal standpoint, I have tried every type of coffee maker imaginable. Lately, I have centered on the stovetop espresso maker, but I’m always open to anything that might make my morning brew better. Perhaps it’s time to look past the method and focus on a different step: coffee roasting.

If you are drowning in a sea of megabrew, it might be time to take your coffee game to the next level. The i-Roast 2 Coffee Roaster is a home device capable of producing fresh roasted coffee beans right on your countertop. With features such as five stages and preset roasting curves, your coffee-roasting game can be off and running immediately.

When you find your perfect roast, the machine can store it (along with nine other preferred roasts) in the on-board memory. The included timer and temperature gauge allow for consistent results. With a little experimentation, you can achieve quality results every time. Oh, and if you want to have ultimate precision with every cup of joe, check out some advanced tips and tricks, here.

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