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Beer can chicken goes big time

All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster

Moist, tender and flavorful chicken is the key allure of beer can chicken. The classic cooking technique has been a favorite of backyard grillers for quite some time. While I have a hard time believing that the concept is anything new, I’m pretty sure the trend of kitchen gear emulating the process is a relatively recent phenomenon. Be that as it may be, what is important is that with this high-quality pan, beer can chicken has officially moved from the backyard to the kitchen stove.

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Miniature Tagines are an update for the classic dish

All-Clad Miniature Tagines

Eschewing the heavy glazed clay for a more modern approach, the All-Clad Miniature Tagines use a combination of bonded steel and heavy stoneware to achieve results. The self-basting stoneware cover traps heat and moisture, while the 2-quart capacity base can be used on either electric or gas stovetops.

Packaged as a set of two, the modern tagines are based on the traditional Moroccan design. Not only do they make for an effective cooking vessel, but they are also impressive serving devices. While braising meats and vegetables condensation is returned to the dish, basting the meat as it cooks. At the tabletop, the dish is sure to impress when the top is removed and the room is filled with the delicious aroma of the stew. Leave the country without ever leaving your home.

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