Nonstick Roasting Rack With Juice Reservoir

Nonstick Roasting Rack With Juice Reservoir

Lurking inside every roast is a bowl full of gravy. The cooking process may create pools of flavor, but collecting all those juices requires a but of effort. Lifting the heavy pan that the roast was cooking in is one way to get to the goodness, but sending the river of flavor into a pre-determined location is probably a better way to go about it. The Nonstick Roasting Rack With Juice Reservoir channels juices away from the roast, sending them directly into a waiting reservoir. Try not to drink it straight out of the cup.

Product Description:
Ingenious design eliminates pouring juice from heavy pans. This nonstick roasting rack features a slanted V-shape design to drain juice away from poultry or meat and into the attached reservoir as food cooks. Juice is easily accessible to spoon or suction with a baster and prepare gravy, sauce, au jus or to baste. Allows every flavorful drop to be used. Angled roasting rack elevates poultry or roasts above drippings, ensuring healthier entrees. Open-design lets heat circulate, ensuring sides and top of meat roast evenly. Also allows ample space to roast vegetables in a pan. With a built-in heat shield, this roasting rack reduces flare-ups when used on a gas, electric or charcoal grill, preventing charring. Easy-grip handles for safe transport. Durable metal construction. Dishwasher-safe.

Innovative designer of practical, modernized products for professional kitchens and the home gourmet, Charcoal Companion reinvents the way chefs cook. Using highest-quality materials, Charcoal Companion is dedicated to creating smarter cooking solutions for roasting, grilling, cooking and baking.

Product Features:
• Slanted rack allows juice to channel into the attached reservoir
• Reservoir ensures easy access to juice to prepare gravy, sauce, au jus or to baste
• Nonstick V-shape rack elevates meat above juice for healthy entrees and easy cleanup
• Open design allows heat to circulate, ensuring sides and top of meat roast evenly
• High-sides accommodate a 25-lb. turkey
• Provides area to cook vegetables alongside
• Built-in heat shield reduces flare-ups while using this rack on a gas, electric or charcoal grill
• Easy-grasp handles for safe transport
• Created by Charcoal Companion, innovative designer of smart cooking solutions for professional kitchens and home gourmets

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