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Ham Snacks

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July 4th Ham

1942 Ad July 4th Quick Ready Serve Swifts Premium Ham - Original Print Ad

Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than with a meal like above? The above ad was found while perusing the Period Paper Storefront from the other day. Be sure to check out the whole 1942 Ad July 4th Quick Ready Serve Swifts Premium Ham РOriginal Print Ad. Perfect for your kitchen d̩cor any time of year. Yum!

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King’s Hawaiian Bread Recipes

King's Hawaiian Original Recipe French Toast

King's Hawaiian Ham and Swiss Florentine Bake

Companies will take any opportunity to issue a press release. In the case of King’s Hawaiian Bread, the occasion is the turning of the seasons. Sounds like a good excuse as any. Especially because they included a couple of recipes in their press release. Ham, cheese, spinach, eggs, syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, and of course, bread. Yum.

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Don’t forget to take the meat off the tree

Prosciutto Ornament

It’s National Get Rid of the Tree Week, but before you do, make sure you safely pack up all those little ornaments and stuff them away for another year. While it’s generally not recommended to file away meat products for a year, I think you’ll be OK with keeping this Prosciutto Ornament under wraps. The hand-painted glass meat ornament was made in Poland, and while they were recently half price at Sur La Table, the decoration is currently unavailable. Just like real prosciutto, you got to get to it fast. Good stuff.

***UPDATE 12/2/2013***
The above ornament is still out of stock, but here are some replacement meat ornaments ready for the tree (or really any shrubbery all year ’round).

***UPDATE 12/6/2017***
Looks like Sur La Table made a new ornament instead. This time it’s prosciutto with melon. (I still think the older one is cooler!)

December 29, 2009   2 Comments

Be nice: slice precise

Victorinox Precise Slice Knife

In the very near future, hams, turkeys and roasts across the land will be broiled, braised and baked to perfection. From oven to table, the wafting scent of dinner will cause family and friends to gather ‘round in eager excitement. And then you cut into it, ravaging the poor beast into disrespectful clumps. Enthusiastic smiles become replaced by disappointed grimaces. Don’t let your stunning table presentation fall into a meaty pile of disarray: the Victorinox Precise Slice Knife will help you clean up your slicing act.

The serrated knife features an adjustable guide to help you create perfect slices from 1-mm to 15-mm thick. Operating similar to a mechanical slicer, the offset guide directs the cutting edge all the way through the meat during the slicing action. Serve thick slices for the entrée and then just as easily cut some thinly sliced for sandwiches the next day. With neat and clean dinner presentation along with perfect leftovers, your guests may just never leave.

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The best of ham, the best of ham holders


In case you are in the market for a fifteen-pound, $1400 ham, you better act fast as they are going up in price at the end of next month. A new 100% tariff imposed by the USDA will effectively double the price for all imported Spanish Iberico hams. Delicious beyond compare, the hams have a unique, nutty flavor due to their free-range acorn diet. A Spanish delicacy for years, the hams were only recently introduced to the US.

The pinnacle of ham achievement would not be complete without a serving device priced to suit. The Supreme Hardwood Ham Holder with Swivel Grip is “the world’s finest jamonero”. Constructed from dense Sapeli hardwood and heavy gauge stainless steel, the ham holder forms a solid base upon which to fasten your prized ham. The inclusion of a “gyro-clamp” (complete with carved acorn handle) allows for the ham to be turned for easy access to precision slicing. Hand crafted by the Pantaleon family, the jamonero will set you back $995.

Out of your price range? The good news is, you can taste this delicious ham at an affordable price. It’s definitely a treat, but the ham is available in (carefully weighed) small quantities.

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