Juice Up The Oven

Moistly Roasted Oven Humidifier

When one thinks “moist”, one normally doesn’t think of the oven. But that’s exactly what Moistly Roasted Oven Humidifier looks to overcome. The slim pan measures 19.5-inches by 14.75 inches, but most importantly measures .75-inches tall. Why is that important? Because the enclosed interior is where one would pour juice, wine, beer, or even plain ol’ water so as to add moisture to the oven while cooking.

Thanks to four steam vents that release steam into the oven, the accessory provides an interesting way to add flavor to foods. Designed primarily for turkey, roasts and the like, the flavor-enhancing pan is designed to provide tender and moist results without the need to baste the food. One large vent assures easy refilling during the cooking process, so just remember to pace yourself.

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