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Your Freezer Still Wants You To Think Of Ice

Covered Ice Cube Tray

Yes, it’s cold out there, but inside where it is nice and warm one major kitchen appliance has ice in the brain. (Or at least the upper compartment.) With the distance between the freezer and the water faucet (or the filter pitcher) being directly proportional to the amount of water that ends up on the floor, consideration for the lowly ice tray isn’t such a bad idea.

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Retrosink: Potato pancakes with an old-timey grater

vintage grater

Lately I’ve had potatoes on the brain. A recent trip to Barney Greengrass led to some delicious latkes (which always has a ripple effect), while in San Francisco I just discovered a recipe book that called for potato pancakes to be made with Swiss and cream cheese. Sacrilege? Maybe. But delicious too. The amazing potato goes well in so many recipes; you can’t really go wrong. So in honor of this potato obsession, today I find it necessary to show off a potato-related kitchen gadget. Since we are talking about the Old Country (take your pick), it seemed appropriate for a Retrosink post. Hence we have the Mouli Parsmint “Creation Moulin-Lecumes” grater.

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Retrosink: Kitchen scale with sundries

American Family Kitchen Scale

In these days of molecular gastronomy kitchen scales need to be a bit more precise than those of the past. While this American Family Kitchen Scale may not see every day use any longer, it can still hold its own as décor. No less than eight food items are painted on it, presumably to tell you what the scale is to be used for. While you may not have much need to measure out a pound of lettuce, the picture (along with my favorite, the steak) sure looks nice.

Converting ounces to grams is done old-school style, with two sets of marks delineating the weight. No buttons to press here, no batteries to insert or outlet to find. However, even with no exacting measurements, this scale can still find a place in the modern kitchen—as long as you’re not using transglutaminase or sodium alginate.

June 17, 2009   2 Comments

Retrosink: Pac-Man drinking glasses

Pac-Man Drinking Glasses

Here’s a blast from the past: Pac-Man Drinking Glasses. You may not be able to pick these up new anymore, but they’re still around. I stumbled across this recent eBay auction and thought they deserved a mention. Plus they look so damn cool. These fine glasses are meant only for the discerning consumer, of course. The set of eight went for $23.00. Click on the source for other great Pac-Man goodies.

(Via Jennie Says Relax)

June 10, 2009   2 Comments