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Retrosink: Potato pancakes with an old-timey grater

vintage grater

Lately I’ve had potatoes on the brain. A recent trip to Barney Greengrass led to some delicious latkes (which always has a ripple effect), while in San Francisco I just discovered a recipe book that called for potato pancakes to be made with Swiss and cream cheese. Sacrilege? Maybe. But delicious too. The amazing potato goes well in so many recipes; you can’t really go wrong. So in honor of this potato obsession, today I find it necessary to show off a potato-related kitchen gadget. Since we are talking about the Old Country (take your pick), it seemed appropriate for a Retrosink post. Hence we have the Mouli Parsmint “Creation Moulin-Lecumes” grater.

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July 16, 2009   No Comments