Orange Peelers

Set of 4 Round Orange Peelers, a Simple and Practical Way to Peel Oranges

These Orange Peelers may not have a catchy name, but they do look to be handy little pieces to have about the kitchen. Considering the amount of words that rhyme with orange, it’s probably a good thing the designers stopped where they did instead of trying to come up with a too-cute clever name. Might have ended up with something like Porange Eelers! Actually… Nah. In any event, product features below.

Product Features:

* A simple and practical way to peel oranges, ring size hole makes it easy to grab
* Blade cuts without damaging the orange and easily remove the peelings with the edge
* Small size makes it ideal for lunch box, fruit baskets.
* Easy to clean and store. Bright orange color
* Set includes total of 4 peelers

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