Results are in: Cadillac takes the Kitchen Sink beyond


In 1956 General Motors for some reason put a sink in a Caddy. It’s called the Maharani Special and was built for the traveling (of course) Motorama exhibition. Apparently at the time, people didn’t see the need for a full-service kitchen installed in the passenger seat of their cars, but times have changed, and the Kitchen Sink Cadillac is changing hands.

Built from a 1956 Cadillac Sixty Special Fleetwood, the one-off car features everything from a refrigerator to a toaster and a hot plate. Going under the hammer by RM Auctions Automobiles of Arizona, the collector car was expected to fetch around $150,000. Even though that can buy several lifetime’s worth of food at the drive thru dollar menu, the 1956 Cadillac “Maharani Special” Motorama Show Car went for $225,500. Something tells me this car will never see the shameful remains of dollar menu items scattered about its floorboards.

NY Times (click through for awesome photo gallery) via Born Rich


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