Color Changing LED Faucet

No kitchen is complete without the ability to wash the dishes in color-appropriate light, right? Red for hot, green for room temperature and blue for cold. The LED Light Copper Temperature Control Water Faucet even flashes red when the water is too hot. Powered completely by water pressure, the device doesn’t require any batteries. How… Continue reading Color Changing LED Faucet

OMG! Design-A-Bottle

Finally an answer to the age-old question of whose water bottle is whose. With the Cool Gear Design-a-Bottle there can only be one answer: yours! As the name would imply, the bottle can be customized with photos, text and graphics by using the Design-a-Bottle feature on Cool Gear’s website. The bottle itself is double-walled and… Continue reading OMG! Design-A-Bottle

160 Pages Of Tea: The Ancient Art of Tea

Looking for some fine reading to look over while enjoying a cup of tea? Consider The Ancient Art of Tea: Wisdom From the Ancient Chinese Tea Masters by Warren Peltier. In it you will learn that “…mountain water is superior. Inferior is river water. Well water is inferior to river water.” Which makes sense. Naturally.