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Zing Anything Citrus Zinger

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger

The portable water bottle has become common sight seemingly everywhere. (This would make sense, being portable and all…) The good news is that they offer an easy way to stay hydrated without the need to shell out cold hard cash while on the go. The bad news is water comes in only one flavor.

The Zing Anything Citrus Zinger (aka ZingAnything CitrusZinger) is a go-to solution for making a flavored water solution on the go. Combining a citrus reamer with a water bottle that is designed for portability, the beverage enhancer makes it easy to make your own hydrating concoction. Just screw a citrus half into the base and away you go.

For those that appreciate a little non-citrus fruit in their drink, these guys also make the Aqua Zinger, which is designed to masticate berries, herbs and really anything else that has flavor locked inside. But either version that works for you, really works for you, because don’t forget: refills are free!

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Color Changing LED Faucet

3 Colors Discoloration LED Light Temperature Control Sensor, Temperature Sensitive LED Light Water Faucet

No kitchen is complete without the ability to wash the dishes in color-appropriate light, right? Red for hot, green for room temperature and blue for cold. The LED Light Copper Temperature Control Water Faucet even flashes red when the water is too hot. Powered completely by water pressure, the device doesn’t require any batteries. How well does it work? Well, no reviews are up yet, but it is less than 10 bucks…

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OMG! Design-A-Bottle

Cool Gear Design-a-Bottle

Finally an answer to the age-old question of whose water bottle is whose. With the Cool Gear Design-a-Bottle there can only be one answer: yours! As the name would imply, the bottle can be customized with photos, text and graphics by using the Design-a-Bottle feature on Cool Gear’s website. The bottle itself is double-walled and holds 20-ounces. I’m not going to register to find out, but I will assume they at least have some templates that are appropriate for people over the age of twelve. LOL.

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160 Pages Of Tea: The Ancient Art of Tea

The Ancient Art of Tea: Wisdom From the Ancient Chinese Tea Masters by Warren Peltier.

Looking for some fine reading to look over while enjoying a cup of tea? Consider The Ancient Art of Tea: Wisdom From the Ancient Chinese Tea Masters by Warren Peltier. In it you will learn that “…mountain water is superior. Inferior is river water. Well water is inferior to river water.” Which makes sense. Naturally.

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Have A Ball With Your Water

Jokari 229241 Water Infuser Ball

Nature has done a great job in giving us the cool, refreshing, life-sustaining beverage known as water. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it better. The Jokari 229241 Water Infuser Ball is a simple way of improving upon Mother Nature’s best. The small ball is meant to be filled with citrus and/or herbs and then placed in a pitcher of water, infusing it with new and exciting flavors. Lemon-flavored water may be a rarity out in the wild, and now finally—like having nature at your command—the delicious beverage can be yours. (Without those pesky lemon slices falling in your glass.)

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Boil Buoy Watches Pot For You

Boil Buoy

A watched pot never boils, but one that is listened to is another story. Normally, water doesn’t make too much noise while bubbling away, so how does a pot listened to give away its secrets? With Boil Buoy, of course.

The small stainless steel chime floats in a pot of water thanks to an enclosed foam core. When the water reaches a boil, the movement of the boiling water causes it to chime. A weighted bottom ensures the clever gadget floats upright. Currently on pre-sale, the Quirky project only needs about 1,500 purchase commitments to find its way into production. Looks like that old saying might be due for an update.

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