Off to the Side of the Kitchen Sink

Simplehuman Sink Caddy, KT1116

Sponges are notoriously slippery. No matter where I set them down, they never seem to stay put. I set ’em on the side of the kitchen sink, and they end up in the basin. I set ’em on the edge, and they end up on the floor. I set ’em up by the faucet, and they end up… well, I don’t know where they go; sponges also have a propensity to simply disappear.

When trying to rein in wayward cleaning accessories, it’s probably best to actually rein them in; put them in a kitchen sink jail, as it were. This Simplehuman Sink Caddy would do nicely. Featuring four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger to keep it secure, the kitchen sink caddy stores a couple of sponges (separated by a divider) and a scrubber brush, all safely tucked away off to the side of the kitchen sink.

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