Kohler goes over the kitchen sink in Stages

Kohler Stages 45-inch Kitchen Sink

You don’t often come across a kitchen sink that comes packed with accessories, but that is exactly what you get with the new Kohler Stages sink designs. Available in either a 45-inch (K-3761, pictured above) or a 33-inch (K-3760, pictured below) configuration, the Kohler Stages Sinks integrate the cooking process into the product line by including accessories all designed to facilitate in the creation of the meal.

No longer is the sink relegated to simple clean up duties. With a beveled edge running along the top, accessories can be placed directly over the sink. A set of six prep bowls and a fitted cutting board make prep work easy by allowing one to work directly over the basin. Also included are a flip tray, a utensil tray, and an accessory storage rack making the kitchen sink itself a complete accessory for the kitchen.

Kohler Stages 33-inch Kitchen Sink

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