Tornado Potatoes From The Comfort Of Home

Gold Medal 5280M Motorized Ribbon Fry Cutter

If you have been to any state fair in the recent past, you have seen it: the tornado potato. The spiral-cut deep-fried treat can be found wrapped around a hot dog or just served on its own. For those that find themselves unable to resist the lure of the barkers, and hence try to stay away from the midway, there is another option. Now, with the Gold Medal 5280M Motorized Ribbon Fry Cutter you can have the flavor of the carnival in your very own home.

Tornado Potato Hot Dog

Product Description:

The original purpose for the fryer was for Corn Dogs – either foot long or regular. Many people fry specialty fun foods such as Corn Gold Medal motorized 300 RPM spiral fry cutter. The hottest fried fun food on the midways is now Ribbon Fries. New improved design now also makes spiral potatoes on a stick too also known as the Tornado Potato. Simply put a clean, unpeeled Idaho potato on the “drive plate”. Next, turn the motor on and advance the motor box compartment toward the potato and blade and watch the profits come out! Retails for at least $2.50 to $3.50 each. This is one of the most profitable fried foods on the midway! Complete with three different blades for different products: Ribbon Fries (thin blade), Hash Browns (medium blade) and (coarse blade). We recommend using a #1 or #2 (8-12 ounce) Idaho Potato for the best results. The lower the moisture content of the potato, the better (store at room temperature). We suggest frying in pure vegetable oil at 350°F for about 3 minutes. Cooking time and temperature may vary with individual preference, fryers, etc. Ribbon Fries: When set-up to make ribbon fries, one continuous “Ribbon Fry” will come out, simply deep fry it – top with a little Cajun Spice or any other other flavor! Tornado Potato / Saratoga Swirls (potatoes on a stick): New and improved design now allows you to also make this extremely popular item which is a spiral-cut potato that is skewered and then deep-fried. Just insert a wooden stick into a halved potato and turn on the motor. Drop the finished product into your fryer and quickly serve! Features: UL and UL Sanitation (NSF) Listed Electrical: 100W, 73A, 120V Weight: 12 lbs

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