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Kids In The Kitchen–Whipped Cream Edition

Quick Cream Whipper

Kids in the kitchen is a good thing. Or rather, it can be a good thing: as long as they have something to do. Feeding them pie may not be the healthiest thing you can do for them, but at least you can ease your conscience by letting them help out.

With the Quick Cream Whipper anybody can create whipped cream by just pumping the handle. Within moments fresh cream becomes aerated into a perfect topping for desserts and beverages. You may still be feeding the kids pie, but at least they’re working for it.

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Banana Slices You Can Count On

Chef’n Banana Slicer

A little consistency in the morning isn’t too much to ask for. As we navigate our routine on autopilot, having things where and how we want them makes it much easier to get through the morning. It’s almost like getting extra sleep, uh, except without the actual sleeping in. While our brains might not have to work until we leave the house, our bodies certainly do.

The Chef’n Banana Slicer creates perfectly uniform banana slices, keeping your morning cereal exactly the way you expect it. Designed for kids and adults, the cutting tool produces five even slices with just a squeeze of the handle. Fingers are protected as the actual cutting is accomplished away from the grip. Now if they could just stock supermarket shelves with perfectly even bananas.

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Star Wars Sandwich Cutters Use The Force

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters with Vintage-Style Tin

Just because George Lucas Jedi Mind Tricked us into believing that all things should be Star Wars doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Sandwiches, for example: they taste better when given the Star Wars treatment; everybody knows this to be a fact. Now finally, after all these years (and unappetizing prequels), Star Wars is coming to a sandwich near you.

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Okay, Spaghetti-Baby, Just You Go Ahead And Try It

First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl With Lid by Learning Curve

Okay kid, so you wanna dump that bowl of spaghetti over your head, do ya? Just go ahead and try it! Your little muscles aren’t developed enough to even move the First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl With Lid by Learning Curve. And that bowl of Cheerios you were planning on throwing on the floor? Ain’t gonna happen. Take that, tyke. Wait, stop that. You can’t do that. Just because the bowl is secured to your high chair doesn’t mean you can take the food out and throw it. Oh, I see. Apparently it does. Damn, outsmarted by a baby, again.

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Don’t Teach These Dogs To Play Fetch (That’s Because They Are Knives)

Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen Kids’ Dog Knives

One may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but there are some dogs you probably shouldn’t try to teach any tricks. Aside from knife throwing and that knife between the fingers tabletop thing, there just aren’t that many good things to do with a kitchen knife aside from the preparation of food. Especially when it comes to kids’ knives.

More bark than bite, the Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen Kids’ Dog Knives are specially designed with kids in mind and feature blades that are just sharp enough to cut through soft foods. Available in either a serrated version or not, the bright designs are intended to attract kids into the kitchen—which actually might be the best trick of all.

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It’s Always A Circus In The Morning With The Original Circus Waffler

Nonstick Circus Waffle Maker by Smart Planet -- The Original Circus Waffler

Kids running around like monkeys in the morning? Tame them with the Nonstick Circus Waffle Maker by Smart Planet. Measuring 9.25-inches by 9.75-inches, the Original Circus Waffler makes three circus-themed Belgian-style waffles in less than four minutes.

Just like mornings can be on the blurry side (not too much for the kids, hopefully), so too can be this waffler. I see an elephant for sure, and I’m guessing the other two are a lion and a clown. But hey, the kids won’t care how abstract the waffles look when you cover them with butter and syrup. Add some whipped cream to top them off, and your calm little angels will be monkeys again in no time.

February 16, 2010   1 Comment