Star Wars Sandwich Cutters Use The Force

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters with Vintage-Style Tin

Just because George Lucas Jedi Mind Tricked us into believing that all things should be Star Wars doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Sandwiches, for example: they taste better when given the Star Wars treatment; everybody knows this to be a fact. Now finally, after all these years (and unappetizing prequels), Star Wars is coming to a sandwich near you.

Cutting through crusts like a lightsaber through butter, the Star Wars Sandwich Cutters with Vintage-Style Tin preps sandwiches into fun, kid-friendly shapes. The set of two crust-cutters turns ordinary PB&J’s and grilled cheese sandwiches into either the Millennium Falcon or a TIE fighter (the cool one with the crooked wings used by Darth Vader). Kids love sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and this fun set is a good way to get them into the classic movies. For best results serve without a jar-jar of pickles.

Product Description:

Transform your Jedi’s favorite sandwiches into high-energy fuel for lunches, snacks and parties with Millennium Falconâ„¢ and Darth Vader’s TIE fighterâ„¢ sandwich cutters. Created by the Jedi Kitchen Council to celebrate the Rebel Alliance’s victory over the evil Empire, these cutters are fun and easy to use — just press and cut.

* Set of two sandwich cutters- one of each shape.
* Limited-edition vintage style tin.
* Stainless steel and plastic cutters.
* A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

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