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Imaginative Crust Cutters are Nothing to Puzzle Over

Lunch Punch Match & Munch puzzle making crust cutters

Puzzles fire the imagination; food fuels everything else. (Well, food ultimately supplies the fuel for everything, but hey, who’s counting?) To a young mind, food that is shaped like something it is not, can be a spark leading to bigger and better things in life—or maybe they just hate crusts. Either way, the Lunch Punch Match & Munch and Critter Cutters have them covered.

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February 3, 2010   No Comments

Mama, let your children grow up to be pizza-makers

Curious Chef Pizza Kit (7-pc.)

There’s a new breed of pizza-maker out there: one that appreciates the tradition and culture of pizza. Like what microbrewing did for beer drinking, artisan pizza-makers are doing for the classic pie. Restaurants are popping up dedicated to the craft of pizza-making, and the results show in a quality menu. However, for all this attention heaped upon dough, sauce and cheese, the average slice still lacks soul. To be able to partake in this new pizza culture requires a commitment of an entire pie; sometimes I just want to go down to the corner and grab a slice.

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November 2, 2009   1 Comment

Play with your food (tray)

Child Puzzle Tray by Wendy Boudewijns for Royalvkb

Feeding your child with the tried and true ‘airplane’ method is all fine and good (it is tried and true for a reason), but for serious food fun it may be time to think of a more grounded approach. The Child Puzzle Tray by Wendy Boudewijns for Royalvkb practically guarantees your kid will be distracted at feeding time. Considering children and how they generally feel about their veggies, that’s probably a good thing. Plus, it all just fits together so nicely when done. Available at Unica for $66; no ‘vroom’ sounds included or needed.

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Kid-friendly Krustbuster crimps crusts clean off


If you’ve got little ones running about, chances are when it comes to sandwiches, they prefer them with the crusts cut off. It also is highly probable that at times you wish they would make them on their own. However, a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich can turn into a messy fiasco as kids try to master the art of sandwich construction. At least when it comes to the crust-removal department, there is a solution.

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A chocolate milk tornado


Lightning in a bottle? No, a tornado in a cup. A chocolate milk tornado, no less. It’s a fact: Manually stirred chocolate milk just doesn’t taste as good as compared to when it has been sent through a tornado. So, put down that spoon and pick up this Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Maker. Whipping up 16-ounces of well-stirred chocolate milk at a time, this mini-blender makes enjoying a nice tall cool glass of chocolate milk just that much better. And you thought chocolate milk couldn’t get any more fun.

July 8, 2009   No Comments

Eat your way through the eventual robot uprising


The obligatory war with our eventual robot overlords will not be as distasteful as once thought. In fact, quite the opposite: it will be delicious. The Robot Twist And Press Cookie Cutter twists and turns allowing for dozens of robot configurations. The rotating top, middle and bottom sections each feature a corresponding robot part, letting you assemble the exact robot you want. With an army of robots reduced to cookie form, it’s a win-win situation. We get to earn our freedom and eat cookies at the same time.

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