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Dino Sandwich Cutter removes crusts, adds fun


Even as a kid I never quite got the whole sandwich “with the crusts cut off” thing. Crusts are delicious too and deserve such recognition. However if your young’uns need a little encouragement to bite into their PB&J, check out this Dino Sandwich Cutter from Williams-Sonoma. Not only does the sandwich cutter trim off offensive crusts, but it also makes mealtime fun. What little kid (well, the boys at least) wouldn’t enjoy pretending to be some great beast tearing into a dinosaur?

Now, the only problem is what to do about that kid who likes their sandwiches with the crust left on. That’s not gonna fly when everybody else is running around with cool dinosaur sandwiches. (Also available in a stupid boring heart shape for the stupidhead girls.)

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Ultra-hyper-mega-cute animal drinking mugs

Upside Down Animal Mugs from Décole Japan

They look like little ultra-cute pieces of chotcke sitting on a shelf into you turn them over, and then you see these pieces from Japan’s Décole are actually drinking mugs. The Upside Down Animal Mug collection measures about 4 inches tall each (upside down or not) and come in three hyper-cute versions: cat, panda and piglet. These mega-cute little drinkers will set you back $20 each. Too much cute? Yeah, maybe.

***UPDATE 9/29/13*** Looks like things got a bit topsy-turvy at the link above; they are sold out. However, here is a link to the upside down panda mug: Decole Animal Face Mug – Panda. Hyper-mega-super-cute lives on!

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Batter Finger: It’s pointing! It’s pointing!

Batter Finger

Sometimes it’s not rude to point. Offering a friend or little one the chance to scrape the bowl after mixing up a batch of deliciousness definitely qualifies. The Batter Finger makes making cookies, cake and brownies even more fun. The opportunity to share never tasted so good.

The finger-shaped spatula features a long handle and flexible silicone end for easy use when creating sweet treats. Narrower than traditional spatulas, the Batter Finger can also be used to scrape out the last bit of peanut butter from the jar. Perfect, because doesn’t a peanut butter brownie sound really good just about now?

April 27, 2009   1 Comment

My ice cube is better than your ice cube

Citrus Sippers

Kids will love this original spin on chilled drinks. Instead of using boring old “regular” ice cubes, Citrus Sippers create an entirely new way to enjoy cool beverages. Just freeze juice along with the included straw in the fun fruit-shaped ice mold, and when ready the ice will stick to the straw. As the juice melts, new flavors will be released, and the last sip will be as delicious as the first. Kids will especially appreciate this because they just want to mix all the flavors together anyways!

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Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl

Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl

Some kids never learn. Or at least it seems like they never learn. Either way, if you are a young parent sick of holding back the tears over spilled milk, check out the Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl. Working like a gyroscope, the brightly colored bowl steadies itself whenever handled. Now when your young one picks up the bowl, the food stays on the inside and not over everything else.

Of course the handles encourage your child to actually grab at the bowl, so there may be some (even greater) awkward dining moments in their teen years. By then of course, you’ll be actively condemning their choice of dates, so really it’s a win-win.

(Via Gizmodo)

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