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So This Is Why Darth Vader Breathes Like That

Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner by doddieszoomer on

Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner by doddieszoomer on

No wonder his throat feels a little raspy. Hope he isn’t coming down with something. Say, like Jedi-itis.

However, if you’re feeling brave, you can try to replicate the Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner by following along with Instructables user doddieszoomer. Just make sure ol’ Darth doesn’t cough on you when finished.

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Make Your Own Cheese Kit

Complete Artisan Cheese Making Kit from Grow and Make

How cheese gets from the cow to the plate is a journey that many may be interested in. Not surprisingly, to get there involves a lot of things that start with the letter ‘c.’ That would include: cheese wax, cheese shaping mold, cheese cultures, cheesecloth, cheese salt, and a cheese brush.

And that doesn’t even take into account all the things that don’t start with ‘cheese!’ For example, where would someone get the other necessary ingredients and tools? Well, if after all that one still needs: rennet, calcium chloride, coloring, thermometer and a wax melting pot, they most certainly did not pick up the Complete Artisan Cheese Making Kit from Grow and Make.

Everything listed above is included in the DIY cheese-making kit. That is, everything but the cow and the milk.

Product Description:
A complete cheese making kit for the culinary artisan (does not include milk). Includes ingredients and instructions for making gouda, colby, monterey jack, mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Includes cheese wax, cheese shaping mold, rennet, cheese cultures, cheesecloth, cheese salt, calcium chloride, cheese brush & coloring, thermometer, wax melting pot

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Wine Bottle Chandelier

Sterling Industries 2-Light Collector's Pendant Wine Bottle Lighting

Upside-down wine bottles are a bummer simply because that usually means they are empty. (And if it doesn’t mean that, then they soon would be!) However, staring down the end of a bottle doesn’t have to be necessarily all bad. This wine bottle chandelier (officially named the Sterling Industries 2-Light Collector’s Pendant for some reason), looks to give all those empties a new life. And hey, the day after the party you can give any stragglers something to do.

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The Bacon Challenge Finds New Ways To Bacon

Bacon Roses from Instructables user kaptaink_cg.

Bacon Roses from Instructables user kaptaink_cg. Click image to learn how the appetizing bouquet was made.

The internet loves to bacon (is it a verb yet?) and Instructables users are in on the meme. The DIY-encouraging website is sponsoring a contest where winners can take home an iPad 2 or a bacon-making All-Clad skillet. Just post your fave use of bacon and you are entered in The Bacon Challenge. As you can see from the entry pictured above (from kaptaink_cg), anything goes. Be sure to check out all of the bacon entries.

The Bacon Challenge is simple: make something amazing that involves bacon. We know, bacon is already pretty amazing on its own – therein lies the challenge! Dress it up, build with it, get creative with your porcine bounty. The challenge is to make something both original and bacon-related. If it’s about bacon, it’s eligible.

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DIY Gastric Bypass Kit?

Medline Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Kit - DYNJS0303

As per usual, when something ridiculous shows up on Amazon, the comments that follow can get amusing. Such is the case with this Medline Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass – DYNJS0303 – Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass – Qty of 3. Nine out of ten home surgeons say dieting has never been easier!

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