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Everything Evolves, Even Utensils

Calamente Pasta Fork

Well I always thought it would be primates that rise up against humanity à la Planet of the Apes, but apparently it’s our very own tableware that is set to evolve.

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Leave A Shopping Memo Like You Mean It

Green House Digital Video Memo

When shopping for sundries, it’s easy to grab the wrong thing. As soon as we walk into the supermarket our eyes are assaulted with a mind-boggling assortment of food products all screaming for our attention (and wallet). So, we grab what looks good, slide our money cards and go happily on our way—until we get home and realize that the grocery bags are filled with Sugar Free this and Slim Crisp that and Reduced Fat the other thing.

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Sushi Rice Now With More Fun

Inomata Sushi Mold Rice Ball Maker

Plain white rice can be so… plain. While that can be good for everything from digestion to how awesome it works with practically any other ingredient, it’s how it’s served that could use a little sprucing up. Especially when we’re talking about exceedingly cute hearts, stars and bears.

The Inomata Sushi Mold Rice Ball Maker transforms everyday boring sushi into exciting fun-shaped sushi you can play with. Place rice into the mold, cover, press and then push it out—your fish won’t know what hit it. Although that salmon nigiri might have an inkling when it sees that bear coming at it.

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Consume the internet, but please cook it first

The CastOven, a YouTube enabled microwave oven.

Forget about that JooJoo tablet thingy that sounds to me like Arrington wanted to hijack: if you want to consume the internet, you’re going to have to cook it first. In a microwave. Literally.

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Noodle cup puzzle feeds your noodle

Cup Noodle Puzzle Game

Finally there is something to do while waiting those three agonizing minutes for Cup Noodle to finish rehydrating. The Cup Noodle Game takes the iconic lunch staple and transforms it into a puzzle game. Utilizing the always-in-fashion technique of having something blow up in your face if you don’t finish in time, the timed puzzle game sends ingredient-themed puzzle pieces flying if you don’t get it right. Even though it is life-sized, just don’t try it with a real Cup Noodles. Comes in three flavors–easy (Seafood), medium (Classic) and hard (Curry).

Cup Noodle Puzzle Game Variety

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Rolling out the gyoza with the Cook Joy Gyoza Maker

Bandai Namco Cook Joy Gyoza Maker

Part of Bandai Namco’s “Cook Joy” series, the Cook Joy Gyoza Maker simplifies the process for making the delicious dumplings. Looking something like a printing press or a cash register, the brightly colored box gives consistent results with a simple turn of the crank. Designed to produce perfect gyoza every time by ensuring that the precise amount of filling lands right in the center of the skin, the gyoza is sealed shut as it passes through the rollers. (An additional set of rollers is included specifically for making wontons.) Upon completion, the finished product drops into a little drawer ready to be steamed or pan-fried. It’s like getting a little prize every time.

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