Leave A Shopping Memo Like You Mean It

Green House Digital Video Memo

When shopping for sundries, it’s easy to grab the wrong thing. As soon as we walk into the supermarket our eyes are assaulted with a mind-boggling assortment of food products all screaming for our attention (and wallet). So, we grab what looks good, slide our money cards and go happily on our way—until we get home and realize that the grocery bags are filled with Sugar Free this and Slim Crisp that and Reduced Fat the other thing.

One solution would be to use a digital camera as a reference guide—snap shots of the stuff you really want to get. Or you could use this Green House Digital Video Memo to leave yourself illustrated notes on what to buy. Because you know, that whole taking pictures of food products thing is kinda nutty. Or, you could use it like you’re supposed to and just leave video notes on the fridge yelling at somebody else to stop buying the damn low fat milk.

Additional Information:
Maker / Model Green House / Digital Video Memo
Screen Size 1.44 Inch
Screen Resolution 128 x 128 pixel
Speaker built-in / 0.5W
Video M-JPEG / AVI
Video Resolutionn 320 x 240 at 20 fps
Recording Time Records up to 30 seconds of video
Power Charges via USB
about 30 min charge time
Can Play/Record about 100 time with a fully charge battery
Size 56 x 12 x 56 mm

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

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