Kid-friendly Krustbuster crimps crusts clean off


If you’ve got little ones running about, chances are when it comes to sandwiches, they prefer them with the crusts cut off. It also is highly probable that at times you wish they would make them on their own. However, a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich can turn into a messy fiasco as kids try to master the art of sandwich construction. At least when it comes to the crust-removal department, there is a solution.

The Krustbuster is a simple-to-use, kid-friendly contraption that is fun for kids of all ages. Just pop a sandwich in the clamshell device and close to crimp off the crusts. The resulting sealed pocket sandwiches are perfect for school lunches or warm toaster oven treats. For the kids who may not have yet gained toaster oven privileges, the Kupbuster accessory makes perfectly sized scrambled eggs right in the microwave. Just add ham and cheese, and you’ve got a money-saving breakfast sandwich that anybody can prepare right at home.

Once you have your sandwiches sealed with deliciousness, you are going to need a way to tell them apart. The Krustbuster comes with additional ‘sandwich stamps’ which press fun images directly into the bread. Easily discern grape jelly from strawberry jam just by glancing at the picture. Or if you prefer, choose from fun shapes such as a balloon, a star, a car or a smiley-face. With the kids in the kitchen, it doesn’t really matter what stamp they choose; more important is the fact they are learning how to make sandwiches for themselves—even without the crusts.

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