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All-in-1 Chair Lags Behind In Design

All-in-1 Chair and Foldable Cooler Tub

I see no flaws with having a portable cooler that does double duty as a chair: you can take it with you everywhere you go. Filled with ice during the hot summer months there would be no better way to fly (or sit). I do however see one major flaw with the All-in-1 Chair.

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Your Freezer Still Wants You To Think Of Ice

Covered Ice Cube Tray

Yes, it’s cold out there, but inside where it is nice and warm one major kitchen appliance has ice in the brain. (Or at least the upper compartment.) With the distance between the freezer and the water faucet (or the filter pitcher) being directly proportional to the amount of water that ends up on the floor, consideration for the lowly ice tray isn’t such a bad idea.

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Moon bounce for your beer

Inflatable Serving Bar

Beverages don’t tend to do too well in bouncy situations, but that doesn’t mean a cushion of air cannot provide a relaxing cloud-like bed for them to lounge in. Just don’t bounce in it. As tempting as though it may be, this raft-like Inflatable Serving Bar is probably too small for the average adult to get a good bounce on. And that’s who is going to be using this of course: adults for their adult beverages. Because nothing says class like having a big boatload of beer chilling in an inflatable raft. (And the kids would just throw thing in the pool).

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Refrigerator light gnomes expand operations

Cooler Light from Taylor Gifts

Does the light really shut off when you close the ice chest door? Wait, there is no light inside the ice chest. That is, unless you have this Cooler Light from Taylor Gifts. Other than providing minutes of entertainment as the mystery of the cooler light is explored by opening and shutting the ice chest, the cooler light provides much needed illumination for when the party heads into the night. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a Coke when what you really wanted was a PBR. Now that all-too-common mix-up can finally be avoided. As for the cooler light? Yes, it does shut off automatically twenty seconds after you close the lid. But to see the light gnomes in action, you’ll have to buy one and see for yourself.

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Porta Cool makes it easier to chill

Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket

Enjoying a nice picnic in the park is a good way to spend the day. Enjoying a cool bottle of wine at your picnic in the park is a great way to spend the day. However, that wine will need to be chilled somehow. Since picnickers are already loaded down with food, utensils and carrying equipment (not to mention fun and games), one less thing to lug around would certainly be welcome.

The Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket is a space-saving ice bucket that stores flat for easy portability. Keep it in your picnic basket and when you get to your destination, just inflate and fill with ice. The bucket measures 9.5-inches tall with a 9.5-inch diameter, so chilling a couple of bottles should be no problem. The best part is when your picnic is done and all the delicious food and beverages have been devoured, all you have to do is deflate and store it back in your picnic basket. Toss the empties in the recycling, pick up your picnic basket and you are on your way.

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Make ice spheroids for orbiting a chilled wine bottle

Ice Orb Icemaker

Why settle for boring old ice cubes when you can have ice spheroids? This Ice Orb Icemaker not only makes some cool looking ice, but can also act as a wine chiller too. To make the novel shaped spheroids, simply fill the silicon shell to the marked line, insert the inner bucket and place it in the freezer. The water is kept in spheroid formation until you later pop it free as ice.

The ice mold makes 21 spheroids of ice, but even better it doubles as an ice bucket. Perfect for chilling wine, the bucket is 5 inches tall with a diameter of 6 inches. It holds a good amount of 52 ice spheroids at a time, which means your bottle of wine with be chilling in style for as long as it lasts.

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