Practical and distinctive Carved Wood Bottle Openers (affordable too!)

Carved Wood Bottle Openers by Roost

Every kitchen has one, but that doesn’t mean anybody knows where it is. Bottle openers tend to get misplaced quite often. Small and portable, not only do they get carried from room to room, but they also blend in with the surroundings. It’s quite easy to overlook a bottle opener casually set down on a cluttered table.

These Carved Wood Bottle Openers by Roost are a bit easier to track down. With the elegant design and distinctive features, they are as displayable as they are practical. Each opener has the brass fitting placed in a strategic location. Check out the ‘feet’ of the owl, or the ‘teeth’ of the shark for clever examples.

Inspired by an antique find these bottle openers are surprisingly affordable, priced around $20.00 each. Seven styles are available: Bull, Shark, Duck, Owl, Apple, Elephant, and Snake.

(Via The Kitchn)

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