Ditch The Bagged Tortillas

CucinaPro Flatbread Maker 1443

There is no comparison between fresh tortillas and those found on the end-cap at the supermarket. Tortillas are not necessarily difficult to make at home, but specialized equipment provides the best results. One could use a rolling pin, and one could use a fry pan, but to get the best results, a tortilla press and a griddle are recommended. Or one appliance that serves as both.

The CucinaPro Flatbread Maker is a 1000-watt combination griddle/tortilla press. Producing 10-inch tortillas of your own creation, the gadget makes it easy to enjoy fresh tortillas without a trip to the store. Considering the non-stick aluminum cooking surface and convenient vertical storage, it may even be easier than getting in the car. Certainly tastier.

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