One Hundred And Seventy Six Potatoes Per Hour

Dom itp Electric Potato Grater

That would be 176 pounds of potatoes per hour to be exact. Pounds per hour doing what you ask? Grating of course. That’s a lot of grated potatoes. Sold by European household importers, Dom itp, the Elektryczna Maszynka do Ziemniaków (that would be Electric Potato Grater to you and me) is U.S. power ready.

Product Features

* Grates 176 lbs of potatoes in 1 hour
* Ideal for any cuisine that includes potatoes
* Easy to clean & wash, and dishwasher safe
* Comes with 1 year warranty

Product Description
The electric potato grater is a dream appliance for anyone who loves potatoes. Grate all the potatoes you want with ease and precision to a past-like state. If you make latkes, kugel, meat dumpings, or potato pancakes then you’ll love this appliance.

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