Wine Bottle Chandelier

Upside-down wine bottles are a bummer simply because that usually means they are empty. (And if it doesn’t mean that, then they soon would be!) However, staring down the end of a bottle doesn’t have to be necessarily all bad. This wine bottle chandelier (officially named the Sterling Industries 2-Light Collector’s Pendant for some reason),… Continue reading Wine Bottle Chandelier

Crystal Wine Server

Wine has been enjoyed for millennia. That’s a lot of lost drips and drops of wine. Put an end to the madness (and look good doing it) with the Crystal Wine Server. History will thank you. And it’s only $5.95.

Barbecue Basting Straight From The Bottle

When using barbecue sauce right out of the bottle there is little reason to pour it into a bowl before slopping it on the chicken and ribs. Why have an inbetweener? While emptying it out straight from the bottle might be fast, it’s not the best way to get maximum coverage, but slathering it on… Continue reading Barbecue Basting Straight From The Bottle

OMG! Design-A-Bottle

Finally an answer to the age-old question of whose water bottle is whose. With the Cool Gear Design-a-Bottle there can only be one answer: yours! As the name would imply, the bottle can be customized with photos, text and graphics by using the Design-a-Bottle feature on Cool Gear’s website. The bottle itself is double-walled and… Continue reading OMG! Design-A-Bottle