Bacon Genie grants one wish

Bacon Genie

I’m not sure how far microwave bacon technology has come along, but I’ll bet a grease-splattered microwave interior that there is still progress to be made. The Bacon Genie serves up bacon, although probably not quite done just how you wished. Just drape your bacon slices over the device and pop in the microwave. As the bacon cooks, fat drips down the bacon (the fat that doesn’t splatter onto the microwave walls, that is) and collects into a spouted dish below. Those paper towels that you normally use to wick up extra fat from the bacon can now be used to clean the interior of your microwave.

I’ve never had delicious microwave bacon before, but maybe times have changed. Maybe this Genie can grant that wish. Instant microwaved bacon would certainly be a treat – depending on how it came out. It would still be bacon however, so be careful what you wish for.

(Via Kitchen Contraptions)

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