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Barbecue Basting Straight From The Bottle

Jokari Silicone Bottletop Baster

When using barbecue sauce right out of the bottle there is little reason to pour it into a bowl before slopping it on the chicken and ribs. Why have an inbetweener? While emptying it out straight from the bottle might be fast, it’s not the best way to get maximum coverage, but slathering it on with a brush would do the trick. The Jokari Silicone Bottletop Baster lets grillmasters skip the mess and head straight to the good stuff. Just squeeze, baste and eat!

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Have A Ball With Your Water

Jokari 229241 Water Infuser Ball

Nature has done a great job in giving us the cool, refreshing, life-sustaining beverage known as water. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it better. The Jokari 229241 Water Infuser Ball is a simple way of improving upon Mother Nature’s best. The small ball is meant to be filled with citrus and/or herbs and then placed in a pitcher of water, infusing it with new and exciting flavors. Lemon-flavored water may be a rarity out in the wild, and now finally—like having nature at your command—the delicious beverage can be yours. (Without those pesky lemon slices falling in your glass.)

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To Each Their Own Pasta Basket

Jokari 229476 Healthy Steps Pasta Portion Baskets

One of the many good things about dried pasta is that it offers something for everybody. With an almost endless variety of shapes and styles, a pasta aficionado can quickly amass quite a collection. When it comes time to reach into the pantry and cook up a batch, chances are choosing can become a difficult decision—especially considering everyone has their own personal faves. But there is a way for everyone to have the pasta they want without boiling pot after pot of water.

The Jokari 229476 Healthy Steps Pasta Portion Basket is part of a set that allows for up to four individual servings of pasta to be prepared in one cooking vessel. The cooking baskets rest on the edge of a pot, allowing pasta of any type to cook undisturbed. Spaghetti and macaroni at the same time? No problem—just lift out your pasta basket when done. As for the sauce… well, for that you’re on your own.

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Portion Control For Squeeze Bottle Condiments

Jokari 229482 Dressing Lid

Not all squeeze bottles are made the same. Some, like ketchup, have lids with a hole in the center to constrict the flow while squeezing. And then some don’t. Salad dressings are often packaged in bottles that don’t have appropriate lids. So, you squeeze and always get more dressing than salad in the bowl.

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