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Football Shaped Beer Glasses

Libbey 23-Ounce Football Tumbler Beer Glass Set, 4-Piece

Football is now on three nights a week. These football shaped beer glasses come in a 4-pack. Coincidence? Highly doubtful. Be it Sunday, Monday or Thursday night, NFL football will be on the tube. This Libbey 23-Ounce Football Tumbler 4-Piece Beer Glass Set is the perfect accompaniment for the week.

And lest you think that BTKS is suffering from inability to count, there being four football glasses in this set and three nights of NFL football, please remember that the college kids play on Saturday. They might not be able to count bucketfuls of money that they deserve for being the entertainers that they are INTERCEPTED BY THE NCAAF…

Four nights of football, four football shaped beer drinking glasses. Perfect like the ’72 Dolphins. However you add it up.

September 19, 2013   No Comments

Zero bottles of beer on the wall

Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage

At some point in your post-college years, you have to take down all those empty bottles of beer on the wall, not pass them around, and put ‘em straight in the recycling bin. However, the college tradition of showing off that you are of drinking age (ahem) doesn’t have to stop there. Graduate on up to the Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage. After opening a bottle of wine, simply drop the cork into the hole on top. Goes perfectly well with that piggy bank you are using to hoard pennies so you can pay off those student loans.

December 1, 2009   No Comments