Rice Cube Squared

Rice goes with everything. The plain white grain (okay, okay; brown too) can be used in dishes originating from anywhere across the globe. But that doesn’t mean it has to stick to being mounded together into a hemisphere. In fact, for those seeking to mold rice into cubes, there exists at least two choices. Above,… Continue reading Rice Cube Squared

Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press

Sometimes two small things are more desirable than one large thing of the same nature. Hamburgers fall into that category. As delicious as a monster burger may be, there are times when all it really takes to hit the spot is a couple (ahem) of small ones. The Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press… Continue reading Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press

Mini Waffles Abound!

Some foods need to be made in batches. Waffles and pancakes fall into this category. And this goes double (or quadruple) when mini waffles are concerned. The Sunbeam CKSBWFMW3 Mini Waffle Maker is a specialty appliance that produces eight mini waffles per batch. While specialty appliances tend to take up more room than they are… Continue reading Mini Waffles Abound!

Skinny Oven For Big Food

The Danby DER2009W Electric Range is only 20-inches across, but features four burners and a 2.6-cubic-foot capacity oven. It may look like a miniature, but considering that it can bake, boil and broil, the appliance brings everything that is needed to the kitchen. And it makes real food too, not those little dollhouse miniatures that… Continue reading Skinny Oven For Big Food

Things To Do: Buy Beer

Having a small, dedicated fridge for the garage (or office, as the case may be) is a beer-drinkers luxury that offers much-appreciated convenience. However, the same small size that can be such a convenience can also be a hindrance, as it constantly needs to be refilled. Luckily, some appliances are prepared. The Haier 1.7-Cubic-Ft. HNSEW02… Continue reading Things To Do: Buy Beer