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Handy Salt and Pepper Mills Hand Over The Spices

Handy Salt and Pepper Mills

Hands down, the most important spices are salt and pepper. When used properly, salt and pepper always deserve a round of applause. In fact, any chef not using salt and pepper should not only be given a wag of the finger, but also a slap on the wrist — and then be taken away in handcuffs. Good thing a handful of salt and pepper is never far away.

You gotta hand it to these Handy Salt and Pepper Mills, they really come in handy around the kitchen. Before, during and after cooking a meal, these handsome salt and pepper grinders handle the seasoning task handily. Available as a lefty or a righty, the hands look like an artist’s articulated model, but with the important distinction these hands are handing over the spices. Pretty neat. I’d sure like to shake the hand of the person who thought of this.

And yes, they are handmade.

(Via Gizmodo)

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Handy Holders Keep Drinks Off The Grass

Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus

Grass is misleading. It looks like it should be all soft and fluffy, but in reality it’s sharp and pointy. And hardly as evenly-spaced as it looks. Along with sand (grrr…), grass has a tendency to just get in the way. However, cover it with a large blanket, and now you’re talking. Just add some warm weather and cool beverages and you got yourself an afternoon that can’t be beat. Until you try to set down your drink on bumpy grass or hot sand (grrr…).

For some of us, the Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus makes perfect sense. Spiked into the ground, the hand-shaped 12-inch stainless-steel helper stabilizes your drink for you. As an added bonus, ice-cold beverages stay cooler longer, safely suspended up over the terrors of grass and sand.

Also available for wine.

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Heavy Metal Menu Holder

Iron Menu Holder Cookbook Stand

Granted some cooking can be torture, but it is usually best to leave the heavy implements by the door. But not in this case. Offering a helping hand, the Iron Menu Holder Cookbook Stand makes an impressive display. Featuring two page separators and heavy-duty construction, the stand can be used as a cookbook holder in the home kitchen or a menu holder at a restaurant. The four-pound menu holder may look positively medieval, but hopefully the cuisine is more up to date.

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Baggy Rack Better Than A Third Hand

Baggy Rack

Storage bags are extremely convenient in the kitchen despite being poorly designed. What’s that you say? How can a bag be poorly designed? Well okay, maybe it’s not the bag’s fault, it’s just that they would be a whole heck of a lot easier to use if we had three hands, the extra one being used to prop open the bag while we pour stuff in.

As humans, we’ve been using bags long enough, perhaps it’s time for evolution to step in and help us out here. I think a third hand would look quite stunning protruding from… well, somewhere. Or, we could wait for evolution to occur on it’s own timetable and use the Baggy Rack in the meantime. Either way.

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Salad Hands for Edward — and the rest of us too


The secret to any salad is to make sure that the dressing is well incorporated. The best way to do that is get your hands dirty. Your Salad Hands, that is.

Bad puns aside, these Salad Hands certainly seem a ‘handy’ (sorry) way to toss and serve pasta or salad. They come as a set of two, and are available in four different bright and cheerful colors. The non-slip grip fits right into the palm of your hand, helping you to add a splash of fun to any salad… or possibly any nearby hedges.

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