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Zero bottles of beer on the wall

Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage

At some point in your post-college years, you have to take down all those empty bottles of beer on the wall, not pass them around, and put ‘em straight in the recycling bin. However, the college tradition of showing off that you are of drinking age (ahem) doesn’t have to stop there. Graduate on up to the Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage. After opening a bottle of wine, simply drop the cork into the hole on top. Goes perfectly well with that piggy bank you are using to hoard pennies so you can pay off those student loans.

December 1, 2009   No Comments

Grow your own $100 cucumber

Cucumber on a pizza?

You know how square watermelons (for some reason) sell for close to one hundred dollars in Japan? Well, now you can get in on the ground floor for the next big craze: fanciful cucumber design. Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit with Heart Shaped Cucumber Molds.

Working the same way as the aforementioned ovally-challenged watermelons, simply place your young cucumber into the device and let Mother Nature run its course. (Constricted by this contraption, that is.) When it’s time to harvest, remove the sleeve, and it’s off to market you go!

Via InventorSpot

February 26, 2009   6 Comments