Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

The Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich is coming in time for National Donut Day on Friday. Really, it is a wonder it took this long. This savory and sweet breakfast treat, which consists of a fried egg and cherrywood-smoked bacon inside a split glazed yeast ring donut for 360 calories, will now be a… Continue reading Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

Toaster Hat Looks Toasty

Behold the Toaster Hat by Fox-Blue on DeviantArt! It may not plug in any longer, but I’m guessing you still don’t want to wear this cowboy hat in the rain. Or the sun. Especially the sun, considering the metal construction and all. Still, nice hat! Perfect for indoor kitchen appliance rodeos. (Via Nerdalicious)

Zyliss Garlic Slicer

Oh, garlic how good you can be. Added to anything and your distinctive aroma entices. You can be smashed, chopped, baked or broiled. And let’s not forget sliced. ‘But sliced garlic can be difficult to handle,’ some might say. True, slickery little cloves try to run away. But not when enshrined in the Zyliss Garlic… Continue reading Zyliss Garlic Slicer

Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker For A Long Weekend

Its name is Sasquatch. Its mission: deliver the drinks; ten at a time. Your mission? Enjoy the long weekend. Preferably with nine friends! Sasquatch 110oz Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker Product Details: The rumors are true! Forget everything you know about cocktail shakers and upgrade to a our supernatural sized sasquatch cocktail shaker! Large enough to… Continue reading Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker For A Long Weekend

Ketchup And Mustard #10 Can Pumps

Stop having convenience store jealousy. What convenience store jealousy you may ask? Why that would be the sense of condiment envy that one gets after being hypnotized by the endlessly spinning hot dogs by the register. All those condiments just waiting to be piled on… Even though one can walk into their local Costco and… Continue reading Ketchup And Mustard #10 Can Pumps

Bacon Shaving Cream

This has gone too far, internet. Stop it. J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream Actually, no. Keep going. Now I want bacon. It worked. Carry on. Mmm, bacon…