…To Boldly Go Where No Spice Has Gone Before

Trekkies, rumor has it, are an obsessive bunch. So too, perhaps, are the salt-spillers of the world. Clearly then, there can be only one solution for the Trekkie who feels the need to toss a pinch of salt over their left shoulder after knocking over the shaker. Westland Giftware Star Trek Command Insignia Salt and… Continue reading …To Boldly Go Where No Spice Has Gone Before

Star Trek Spork

Best. Collectible. Ever. It’s about time sporks became collectible. A quick Google search for “collectible spork” reveals as much. I would have thought there would have been more. But then again, I’ve never done a search for “collectible spork” before. Well, it’s about time. Welcome to the Universe, Officially Licensed Star Trek Limited Edition Titanium… Continue reading Star Trek Spork