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Yum, Jupiter!

Jupiter Structural Layer Cake from Cakecrumbs

Behold the Jupiter Structural Layer Cake from Cakecrumbs! The spherical cake was constructed using two hemispheres complete with delicious representations of rock, ice and liquid metallic hydrogen that are thought to inhabit the planet’s core.

In cake speak, this translates to a core made of mudcake, surrounded by almond butter cake, surrounded by a tinted vanilla Madeira sponge. There’s a crumb coat of vanilla buttercream underneath the fondant.

Mmm, The Great Red Spot never tasted so goo.

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Rice Cube Squared

Rice Cube

Rice goes with everything. The plain white grain (okay, okay; brown too) can be used in dishes originating from anywhere across the globe. But that doesn’t mean it has to stick to being mounded together into a hemisphere. In fact, for those seeking to mold rice into cubes, there exists at least two choices.

Above, the Rice Cube is a fun geometrical puzzle that comes together to make rice cubes. Below, the Kotobuki Mini Cube Rice Mold gives rice fans a similar option.

Either way, use the rice molds to transform rice into whimsical cubes that can be used for sushi or whatever else one can dream up. Or stack up as the case may be.

Kotobuki Mini Cube Rice Mold

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Rapid Ramen Cooker

Rapid Ramen Cooker

They say we eat with our eyes first. But what happens when an otherwise delicious meal gets set down in front of us, only to realize that it’s been jammed into the wrong serving contrivance? If it’s a bowl of ramen, shoving that rectangle into a round bowl can only have crumbly, unappetizing results. It’s a wonder that anybody eats the stuff.

How has rectangle-ramen survived in a round-bowl-world for so long? Well, it’s no matter because the Rapid Ramen Cooker is here to save the day.

There is no great secret here to the Rapid Ramen bowl; it just happens to be a bowl designed to perfectly fit a packet of the dried noodles. No longer must we wade through a crumbled jumble of dried noodles. Just pop the noodle cake into the bowl, fill to the water line and nuke it for about 4 minutes. Thanks to the shape of the bowl, the result should be evenly cooked noodles without any hazardous sharp edges protruding out. See? It’s safe too!

Finally, eating ramen no longer must be like forcing a square peg into a round hole. Speaking of, it is also available as: 4-Family Pack Rapid Ramen Cookers. So, yes, even the black sheep of the family can join in the delicious, dried noodle fun!

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Zak Designs Emeril 8-Piece Geo Table Art

Zak Designs Emeril 8-Piece Geo Table Art, White

Whether you sup at a round dining table or square, the Zak Designs Emeril 8-Piece Geo Table Art serving set will fit right in. The dishwasher-safe melamine bowls measure about 8-inches across at the deepest part and encourage creative table-setting due to their unique shapes. That and eating geometrically appropriate foods like split-pea soup and half-sandwiches.

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Squircle Plate for food of any shape

Squircle Plate

In a perfect world all food would be served on plates that matched. Triangular plates for slices of pizza, square plates for sandwiches, and circle plates for bagels and burgers. Alas, the real world isn’t built that way and every day millions of mismatched meals are served; this haphazard way of eating simply doesn’t have to continue.

The Squircle Plate takes the convenience of the square plate and adds to it the circle. (Or is it the other way around?) Either way, the plate is not quite a square, not quite a circle, so a squircle it is. Not only is the 11-inch diameter ceramic plate convenient, but it is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Available in either yellow or red, the plate welcomes food of all shapes.

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