Four Friends And Bottle Of Wine

True Fabrications Wine Glass Caddy

A bottle of wine is always enjoyable when shared with a friend, and as such it is quite easy to carry a bottle and two glasses in hand. More the merrier, you say? Well, carrying three glasses in one hand with the bottle secured in the other shouldn’t present any difficulties. Oh, wine for four? Well that might require a bit more dexterity. Or the True Fabrications Wine Glass Caddy.

Securing directly around the neck of said bottle of wine, the helping hand makes it easy to lug all those glasses from the kitchen to the living room. Of course, it begs the question why one of those other three lazy, good-for-nothing guests couldn’t get up off the couch to lend a hand, but hey, look at the bright side: the wine accessory can be used as a drying rack when your ungrateful guests don’t lend a hand in the clean-up.

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