Air scrubber would make the perfect herb garden

The Only Botanical Air Purifier

Clean air is always a good thing and considering the amount of air filters, purifiers and the like that are out there on the market, most people would tend to agree. Problem is, while they’re doing their dirty work, they are just sitting there. Some of them don’t even make noise so if it weren’t for a little light you would never even know they were doing anything. (Besides the clean air, of course.)

Using nature as a springboard, Hammacher Schlemmer, purveyor of all manner of essential items (ahem), has harvested the winner of a Popular Science Invention Award bringing the technology to the home market. The Only Botanical Air Purifier uses actual plant life to help rid the air of toxic elements. Air is drawn in via a fan and circulated in the chamber, allowing for the plant’s leaves and roots to metabolize toxins. The result is fresh air and a happy houseplant to boot. Some plants (Peace Lily, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Spider Plant, and Aloe) are more effective than others, but any plant can be used. Perfect for housing an herb garden, the lidded structure has the added benefit of keeping curious cats out—just don’t use catnip to torture the poor critter.

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