Stuff-It-Up Pan For Stuffed Peppers

Chicago Metallic Stuff-It-Up Pan

Kind of like a burrito (at least a San Francisco burrito), but wrapped in a pepper instead of a tortilla, stuffed peppers provide an amalgamation of ingredients that become something more when placed together. Rice, meat, spices, cheese, tomato (or salsa): put it all together in a pepper and you have a complete meal. Top with sour cream, maybe some hot sauce, add slices of avocado on the side and suddenly the humble stuffed pepper is transformed into a meal that offers something for every taste palate. (Well, except for those that have some weird aversion to bell peppers, that is.)

The delicate balancing act needed when baking stuffed peppers can be eliminated with the Chicago Metallic Stuff-It-Up Pan. The dishwasher-safe pan contains impressions for holding peppers in place—useful not only for keeping them upright while baking, but handy during assembly too. With about a 14-inch diameter, the pan is easy to handle, but best of all, its distinctive five-pointed star shape allows for one extra pepper to be placed in the middle. Like a good burrito, leftovers count.

Also available at Chef’s Catalog.

Product Description:

The six individual wells in this Stuff-It-Up Pan ensure the stuffing stays in the pepper and the pepper bakes upright, not tipping over onto a baking tray. Contoured to fit the shape of a standard-size green pepper, each well is dimpled at the bottom to cradle peppers perfectly. Also ideal to secure stuffed cabbage, tomatoes or mushrooms. Nonstick aluminized steel provides even heating, easy cleanup and release. Dishwasher-safe. Lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Chicago Metallic has provided durable bakeware to professional bakers since 1896. The exclusive two-coat, Swiss-made nonstick ceramic finish is engineered 10 times tougher than ordinary nonstick coatings and guaranteed not to chip or peel. Professional-gauge aluminized steel.

Product Features:
• Six individual wells keep stuffed peppers upright while baking
• Contoured to fit the 4-sided shape of peppers, each well is dimpled at the bottom to cradle peppers
• Also secure stuffed cabbage, tomatoes or mushrooms
• Exclusive two-coat, Swiss-made nonstick ceramic finish provides easy release and cleanup
• Professional-gauge aluminized steel heats evenly
• Guaranteed not to chip or peel
• Chicago Metallic has been the bakeware expert for more than 110 years

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