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Slicing (garlic) without jail time

Garlic Slicer

You know that scene in Goodfellas when they are in ‘jail’? And whatshisname is slicing garlic so thin that “it melts in your mouth”? That has always appealed to me. (The garlic, not the jail time.) While I may have picked up a few cooking tips from Martin Scorsese films, generally I still crush garlic. There may be a ton of garlic crushers or mincers out on the market, but I still usually prefer to simply whack it with a knife. (The broadside of a knife, that is.)

For those that desire thinly sliced garlic without doing time, the Garlic Slicer may be the answer. Made of 18/10 stainless-steel, the handheld gadget delivers three uniform slices of garlic with a simple twist of the wrist. It holds up to two cloves at a time, and the remainder can simply be stored in the fridge for later use—with no need to bribe anyone in order to go on a garlic run.

***UPDATE 1/11/13*** The link above no longer works, so check out the new one below, but beware: unlike Goodfellas, the reviews aren’t so hot!

Kuchenprofi Primus Twist-Top Garlic Slicer in 18/10 Stainless Steel

December 28, 2009   No Comments

Party like a Jerk with this wine dispenser

Vacu Vin Wine Tender

Boxed wine may not be the taboo it once was, but that doesn’t mean you want to look at the packaging while drinking it. Pretty much the first thing anybody who has ever bought a box of wine has done is look inside the box. (Well, maybe the second: pouring a glass is usually the first.) Lurking inside is a silver colored bag that looks like something an astronaut would drink out of. At this point the wine in a bag can be left in the box, removed for the sake of novelty, or placed in the Vacu Vin Wine Tender

While Navin R. Johnson may still have a leg up on you when it comes to enjoying wine, at least you too can now entertain in style. The wine dispenser comes complete with the ability to keep your wine chilled and your guests entertained for hours. If you’ve got a big backyard with Grecian statues, s-shaped hedges and three swimming pools you’re in luck, because this wine cooler would fit right in.

September 21, 2009   1 Comment

Pig Mitt now, therapy later

Pig Mitt

As a promotional tie-in to the new movie, the SciFi Channel recently ran a Land of The Lost marathon. Deeply rooted memories of Sleestaks and Pakuni bubbled up as I tuned in to watch, but amid all the cheesy sets and bad acting one character emerged that I did not remember: the spray-painted pig.

Apparently the mortal enemy of Chaka and the rest of the Paku, the pig was adorned with bright blue and pink circles. I can see how that may be frightening, but nothing compared to this Pig Mitt from Boston Warehouse I ran across today. Perhaps it’s due to revived Sleestak nightmares, but I’m pretty sure the teeth alone will frighten any small child. Star this oven mitt in a stop-action animation, and you got yourself not only a needed kitchen accessory, but a hit TV show as well. In the early 70’s, that is.

May 26, 2009   1 Comment

Star Trek Spork

Officially Licensed Star Trek Limited Edition Titanium Collectible Spork

Best. Collectible. Ever.

It’s about time sporks became collectible. A quick Google search for “collectible spork” reveals as much. I would have thought there would have been more. But then again, I’ve never done a search for “collectible spork” before. Well, it’s about time. Welcome to the Universe, Officially Licensed Star Trek Limited Edition Titanium Collectible Spork. (Limited to 1701 pieces.)

April 23, 2009   1 Comment

Popcorn Cartons for best supporting actor

Popcorn Cartons

You got the widescreen HDTV. You got the surround sound. You got the movie butter flavor popcorn. You got everything you need to simulate the movie experience right in your own home. And then you serve popcorn…in a bowl???

Well, nobody can really blame you, I suppose. It’s not like everybody knows where to pick up a proper serving device for movie night popcorn. Until now. These Popcorn Cartons are the final accessory needed to complete your own personal movie theater. Each colorful container holds two cups of popped popcorn, so everybody can get comfy on the couch with their own carton.

Short of having an insider at your local Cineplex, this might be the best way to stock up on cartons for that authentic popcorn experience. Now all you need to do is install a big giant red curtain to drape over your TV.

UPDATE 7/9/12: Sold out at the link above, but no worries! Like a never-ending stream of sequels, there is no shortage of popcorn boxes and cartons out there!

April 1, 2009   1 Comment