Pig Mitt now, therapy later

Pig Mitt

As a promotional tie-in to the new movie, the SciFi Channel recently ran a Land of The Lost marathon. Deeply rooted memories of Sleestaks and Pakuni bubbled up as I tuned in to watch, but amid all the cheesy sets and bad acting one character emerged that I did not remember: the spray-painted pig.

Apparently the mortal enemy of Chaka and the rest of the Paku, the pig was adorned with bright blue and pink circles. I can see how that may be frightening, but nothing compared to this Pig Mitt from Boston Warehouse I ran across today. Perhaps it’s due to revived Sleestak nightmares, but I’m pretty sure the teeth alone will frighten any small child. Star this oven mitt in a stop-action animation, and you got yourself not only a needed kitchen accessory, but a hit TV show as well. In the early 70’s, that is.

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