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Pollos Hermanos Fry Batter Bucket

Pollos Hermanos Fry Batter Buckets

Fancy yourself a collector of odd food-related paraphernalia? The uber popular television show, Breaking Bad (“The best thing on television ever except maybe for The Wire” –Everybody), has wrapped and they are selling off some of the props. Yes, you can bid on Walter White’s Briefs but why would you want to? Perhaps instead, consider a Pollos Hermanos Fry Batter Bucket. The screen-used prop is guaranteed from Sony and for a starting bid of only $150, it could be yours. Fry batter and bullet holes not included.

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Happy Fourth Of July!

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter # 109 Joey Chestnut (Hot Dog Eating Champion) MLB Baseball Card

What better way to celebrate America than with a 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter # 109 Joey Chestnut (Hot Dog Eating Champion) MLB Baseball Card? Keep it in your wallet so you remember how many hot dogs you’ll have to eat to break the record!

Hint (from Wikipedia):

In the 2012 contest, Chestnut won his sixth consecutive title by consuming a record-tying 68 hot dogs and buns (HDBs) in ten minutes.

Yikes. Hmm, maybe you’re better off not trying to pretend like your backyard BBQ is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. In fact, I’m sure you are!

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Take Disney’s Star Wars R2-D2 And C-3PO To Lunch

Star Wars R2-D2 C-3PO Tin Dome Lunch Box Workman Carry All Lunchbox

Now that Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, we will probably be seeing a bunch of new toys and collectables featuring the well-known characters — along with other characters under the massive Disney umbrella.

Expect to see forthcoming Star Wars merch with Space Mickey peeking out from behind some space rocks. Perhaps Princess Leia will find a home in Sleeping Beauty Castle. I wonder how they’ll work in poor Pluto…

As the Grand Marshals now and forever of any Main Street Electrical Parade, R2-D2 and C-3PO deserve their moment in the spotlight. The Star Wars – R2D2 & CP30 – New Tin Dome Lunch Box honors the mechanical men in a classic pre-Disney setting. There may not be any Disneyland park mascots on the lunchbox now, but just like how George Lucas re-invented the past, we should be seeing Captain EO flying in any time now…

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Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box Packs A Big Lunch

Doctor Who Limited Edition TARDIS Tin Tote Lunch Box

By some wonderful quirk of quantum televisionary, the Tardis from Doctor Who happens to be bigger on the inside than its outside should allow. Sounds like whatever technology that powers the time-traveling space ship has something in common with appetites. Say, like when your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

The Doctor Who Limited Edition TARDIS Tin Tote Lunch Box understands. Appearing to the rest of the world as an ordinary lunch box made to look like an old-timey blue police box, the collectible tote travels at your side and supplies sustenance whenever you shall need it. Because chances are even if you forget to pack enough lunch, there will still be something to eat in the pantry — it’s just past the swimming pool and the art gallery.

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Kick Up That Cocoa With Evil Marshmallows

Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows

Hot cocoa is a relatively benign drink. Warm, chocolately and sweet, it’s a nice occasional treat, but it doesn’t provide much of a kick. No surprise then, that people like to dress it up with marshmallows. Evil marshmallows.

The physical manifestation of Gozer aside, these are no normal marshmallows. Blessed Cursed Possessed with 100-mg of caffeine each, the marshmallows supply about the same kick as a cup of coffee. Delivered in a collectible rubbery box, Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows make it easy to stay alert through a long night of ghostbusting.

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One Hundred Forty Four Glasses of Booze on the Wall

144 Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet with Mahogany Finish

“11 shelves to hold 144 shot glasses when fully loaded.”

Heh. Yeah, good luck with that.

Considering the discovery of the Atari Shot Glasses, this particular display case starts to make some sense. Then again, if you’re not appreciative of old video game art, I suppose you’ll have to visit 144 different tourist traps stocked with collectible souvenir shot glasses. Either way, the 144 Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet with Mahogany Finish seems as big as an arcade cabinet, and considerably more fragile. Although it does give you an option to use all those quarters you’ve been saving…

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