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Herb Mill Stores Right In The Freezer

Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill

Fresh herbs, while delicious, are often quite a hassle to deal with: at the store they can be expensive, while growing your own can be tricky. However, cooking just wouldn’t be the same without them. So, we suffer the price tag or attempt to grow a green thumb, and when our efforts are rewarded with fresh herbs, two new issues arrive: storage and use.

While how to supply your kitchen with fresh herbs may require some contemplation, actually storing and using them doesn’t have to. The Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill solves two aspects of herb usage at once. The kitchen gadget stores herbs directly in the colorful little container, while the integrated mill makes adding herbs to dishes as easy as opening up the freezer. Just grab and twist, and stored herbs quickly become delectable ingredients. The innovative design conquers two of the more common issues regarding herb usage, and makes those fresh herbs in the store seem a lot more economical.

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Next Best Thing To A New Stove: New Knobz

Electric Stove Knobz - Fruit

Searching for a new look in the kitchen without the messy installation? (Or time… Or money…) Sometimes it’s a little thing that can go a long way. The Electric Stove Knobz are a clever idea designed to add a new touch of color to the kitchen without breaking the bank. Simply slide off the old stove knobs, and replace with a new set of four. Choose between a rooster or fruit motif and transform the stove for a price anyone can afford. Makes a good gift too. The hand-painted knobs are formed with durable resin and include adapters for use with most any brand. $29.95 for each set.

UPDATE 7/1/12: Sold out at the link above, but it looks like there is one White Range Replacement Knobs Fruit Design 4 Pack on Amazon, as well as these other replacement knobs options in case that one doesn’t last.

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Beer Can Chicken Maker Makes More Than Chicken

Combination Vertical Roaster and Wok for beer can chicken on the grill

Beer can chicken making gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely do they double as anything else. Which is usually fine: the idea is to add a flavoring liquid of your choice (that’s right—gasp—it doesn’t have to be beer) and let it bubble up and permeate the meat while it is cooking. Results are tender, delicious and juicy.

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Saltine Bling

Golden Saltine Necklace by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry

Food-inspired jewelry will never go out of style (as long as we keep eating, that is). However, it’s usually not the lowest rung on the food chain that gets the gold. Usually. In this case, it does get the gold. Literally. The un-fanciest of crackers, the lowly saltine, has now become elevated in status with the Golden Saltine Necklace. The 14 karat gold-plated brass cracker, handmade in New York by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry is stylish, unexpected and fun. I wonder if there is a real saltine under all that gold?

Click on the link and also check out two other food-related items, a turkey wishbone, and a gold-plated fortune cookie. Yes, that’s right: a gold-plated fortune cookie.

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Double Dipping In The Deep Fryer

Presto 05450 Dual Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

Some things just go together. Fish and chips. Chicken and fries. Deep-fried Twinkie and battered zucchini. (Okay, I made up that last one, but it probably should be mandatory to have at least some sort of vegetable when eating one of those monstrosities.) Short of having two deep-fryers handling this double-duty frying, this has always meant working in batches to accommodate for different cooking times.

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Catch This Dr. Who Cookie Jar Before It Disappears

Doctor Who Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar

Doctor Who is a popular television show in which the main character flies around space and time in a police call box. (Yeah, I know, but give ‘em a break—it’s British.) Perhaps one of the more defining characteristics of said box is it is bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. (It originated in the 60s, you know.) If the Doctor Who Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar is anything like the spaceship in the show, this cookie jar should have an endless supply of chocolate chip macadamia cookies always lurking within.
Hmm, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.

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