Saltine Bling

Golden Saltine Necklace by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry

Food-inspired jewelry will never go out of style (as long as we keep eating, that is). However, it’s usually not the lowest rung on the food chain that gets the gold. Usually. In this case, it does get the gold. Literally. The un-fanciest of crackers, the lowly saltine, has now become elevated in status with the Golden Saltine Necklace. The 14 karat gold-plated brass cracker, handmade in New York by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry is stylish, unexpected and fun. I wonder if there is a real saltine under all that gold?

Click on the link and also check out two other food-related items, a turkey wishbone, and a gold-plated fortune cookie. Yes, that’s right: a gold-plated fortune cookie.

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