Trivet Expands Into The Third Dimension

In a perfect world all things would be capable of handling multiple tasks. The Danesco Natural Living Bamboo Rooster Collapsible Fruit Basket is proof that we are moving forward. Sure, there are phones that can unlock cars, change the TV channel and (occasionally) make a call, but when you got a flat trivet expanding into… Continue reading Trivet Expands Into The Third Dimension

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters Use The Force

Just because George Lucas Jedi Mind Tricked us into believing that all things should be Star Wars doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Sandwiches, for example: they taste better when given the Star Wars treatment; everybody knows this to be a fact. Now finally, after all these years (and unappetizing prequels), Star Wars is coming… Continue reading Star Wars Sandwich Cutters Use The Force

Bring The Buffet Home

Who doesn’t like a buffet? Hot food, ready to go, just waiting to be scooped out for eager diners. Take what you want—as much as you want—and come back for seconds when ready. It’s a great concept, and one that doesn’t make the jump to home use nearly enough. But it doesn’t have to be… Continue reading Bring The Buffet Home