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A Pizza Stone Not Just For Squares

Rectangular Pizza Stone

Sicily is triangular in shape like a nice slice of Neapolitan pizza, but Sicilian pizza is square; go figure. Anyway you slice it both varieties are delicious, but if homemade square pizza is on the menu the Rectangular Pizza Stone can help.

While a pan may be the appropriate cooking vessel for a square pizza, the concentrated and uniformly distributed heat provided by having a pizza stone in the oven goes a long way in mimicking the real thing. At a price of only $25, it’s a lot cheaper than having a real pizza oven installed, or having one shipped over from Italy. The chrome-plated steel wire rack is a nice touch too, as anyone who has wrestled with a hot pizza stone would know. Measures 13-inches by 15-inches.

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Trivet Expands Into The Third Dimension

Danesco Natural Living Bamboo Rooster Collapsible Fruit Basket

In a perfect world all things would be capable of handling multiple tasks. The Danesco Natural Living Bamboo Rooster Collapsible Fruit Basket is proof that we are moving forward. Sure, there are phones that can unlock cars, change the TV channel and (occasionally) make a call, but when you got a flat trivet expanding into the third dimension, then you are on to something.

Product Features:

* Collapsible Fruit Basket, 10.1 by 11.6 by 8-inch / 25.7 by 29-1/2 by 20-1/2cm (opened)
* Rooster shaped, spiral-cut fruit basket designed with a unique folding feature
* Collapses flat to be used as a handy trivet on table or countertop
* Ideal to display fruit, breads, potpourri and more
* Made of bamboo sourced from sustainable forests

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Star Wars Sandwich Cutters Use The Force

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters with Vintage-Style Tin

Just because George Lucas Jedi Mind Tricked us into believing that all things should be Star Wars doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Sandwiches, for example: they taste better when given the Star Wars treatment; everybody knows this to be a fact. Now finally, after all these years (and unappetizing prequels), Star Wars is coming to a sandwich near you.

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Coozie Plus Wine Equals Woozie

Oenophilia Woozie Neoprene Wine Glass Sleeve Safari Collection Party Pack

Beer drinkers have it made when it comes to keeping their drinks cool. Coozies for bottles and cans are plentiful, and perfectly suited for keeping ice-cold beer, near ice-cold. Wine drinkers, in contrast, do not have it so easy. Using a wine glass for a drinking vessel may be the proper way to enjoy a glass of nice, crisp white wine, but they don’t do a great job of keeping wine cold—despite the stem. (Not to mention filling an ice chest with glassware isn’t such a good idea.) Despite all the forces of nature conspiring against wine drinkers, there is help on the way.

The Oenophilia Woozie Neoprene Wine Glass Sleeve Safari Collection Party Pack keeps wine glasses cool despite the temperature outside. Packaged as a set of four, the bright and fun material stretches around wine glasses, saving wine drinkers from the need to precariously balance their glasses by holding on to the stems. Which of course, becomes a less reasonable way to hold a wine glass as the evening goes on. Also available in a Caribbean Collection.

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Bring The Buffet Home

Maxi-Matic EWM-6622 Elite Gourmet Double Buffet Server and Warmer

Who doesn’t like a buffet? Hot food, ready to go, just waiting to be scooped out for eager diners. Take what you want—as much as you want—and come back for seconds when ready. It’s a great concept, and one that doesn’t make the jump to home use nearly enough. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At $39.99, the Maxi-Matic EWM-6622 Elite Gourmet Double Buffet Server and Warmer is affordable enough to pick up for everyday use. Measuring 17-inches by 18.5-inches with a depth of 5-inches, the dual 2.5-quart stainless-steel serving device tempts those around the party spread to pile their plates high. Or, you know, for you to keep an endless supply of mashed potatoes and gravy on the counter.

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Press Down For Plastic-Free Coffee

LaCafetiere Optima Coffee Press

Made of metal and glass with a minimal amount of plastic, the LaCafetiere Optima Coffee Press is a no-nonsense wake-up call for coffee aficionados. An elegant way to start the day, the coffee press requires nothing more than ground coffee and hot water. Simply steep the grind and plunge. The result is a hearty brew of full-flavored coffee. Available in several different sizes, the French press is designed in such a manner that hot water (or coffee) does not need to come in contact with any plastic parts, thus eliminating any worry of BPA leaching into your morning brew.

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