Double Dipping In The Deep Fryer

Presto 05450 Dual Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

Some things just go together. Fish and chips. Chicken and fries. Deep-fried Twinkie and battered zucchini. (Okay, I made up that last one, but it probably should be mandatory to have at least some sort of vegetable when eating one of those monstrosities.) Short of having two deep-fryers handling this double-duty frying, this has always meant working in batches to accommodate for different cooking times.

Combining two appliances into one (a deep-fryer and a deep fryer!), the Presto 05450 Dual Daddy Electric Deep Fryer effectively doubles the fried-food experience. Featuring a removable divider, the deep-fryer allows two separate ingredients to be cooked at one time without the items intermingling. Now, all those fried foods that go so well with each other can be timed to complete cooking at the same time. Or, since deep-frying food can be such an adventure, consider experimenting with the other half of the fryer. Thankfully, someone was already brave enough to try the Twinkie, and that one can be crossed of the list!

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