Bird Juicer Flies In The Face Of Convention

Dr. Bird Juicer from imm Living

Juicers tend to be underappreciated. Sure, they supply us with the means to produce freshly squeezed juice from oranges and other ingredients, but they rarely get a second thought. Considering that the juice reamer is almost always the same half-sphere design with ridged edges and it’s not too surprising. Change the shape of the business end of the juicer and suddenly it gets noticed.

The Dr. Bird Juicer from imm Living does just that. With a hummingbird design, the 3-inch tall juicer stands out amongst other juicers. Utilizing the beak and ruffled feathers of the bird to facilitate juicing, the juicer offers a fresh and fun design that is useful too. Designed by Lesley Look Hong, the fun little kitchen gadget would make a nice gift for anybody—even the person who has everything.

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