A Square Placemat For A Round Table

Round Table Neoprene Placemats

You would think that not a lot of thought goes into placemats; they basically are just crumb catchers designed to mask sloppy eating habits, right? Other than the actual design that is printed upon them, you would be right to conclude that there isn’t much to them. Which is why the darn things are always, always rectangular.

For those that find themselves with a round table in their lives, they wish that a little thought would go into placemat design. They can bring ice cream to the moon, but they can’t bring a proper placemat to the table, these round-tablers might think. Unless they found themselves a set of these Round Table Neoprene Placemats. Cut to fit round tables, these placemats fit squarely flush against the edge of round tables just like a good placemat should. Good news for those who are tired of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole–or just the round table sloppy eaters who happen to need every inch of coverage.

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